My new favorite band: Diane Coffee


As an old person I rarely make it into town for a show, the commute is too long. Plus I like to go to bed relatively early. However, on the rare occasion I will trek in for a show ( I saw OFF! ) and as fate would have it, the gods wanted my wife and I to see one of our favorite bands, LUNA.
>The show was on a Saturday.
>It was an early show! (7:00p)
>It was reasonably priced.
We’re in!

LUNA was great. No surprises there. You know, FRIENDLY ADVICE is always a crowd-pleaser.
But the big treat was the opening band, someone we had never heard of, “Diane Coffee“.
Prior to the show we pondered? Who is Diane Coffee?
My guess was she’d be some long, kinky-blonde haired folksy singer, like the gal who sings “What if God were one of us”.
But my wife asked, “What if it’s a band? What if they become our new favorite band?”
I said, no chance! Ha ha. Fail on my part. Totally.

So Diane Coffee takes the stage and the band was an eclectic mix of characters;

> Studious drummer with long straight hair and thick glasses;
> Mike Love looking bassist in a baby blue tuxedo (with tails!);
> Handsome guitar player in a nice-fitting suit;
> Keyboard player from 1974, he looked like a member of STILLWATER, the fictitious band from ALMOST FAMOUS;
> and the singer, make-up, some type of onesie outfit, a BOWIE/PERRY FERRELL kind of performer. Also on guitar at times.

It was almost too much. A PORTLANDIA episode in the making.

But then they played. And they were great. I mean, really great. The music was a mash-up mix of 70’s glam, 60’s soul, Blue Velvety Surf Guitar, 60’s garage rock at times… I almost felt like I was in a movie about a Rock Opera. But it was all seamless, it wasn’t a BECK style mash up. It was fresh.

I knew I’d want to tell people about this band, but how to describe? I asked singer, Shaun Fleming:

“Psychedelic Motown”

The key thing was we experienced them live. The energy and charisma on stage was a key element in sucking us in.
Of course this oddball BUTTHOLE SURFER-esque t-shirt is rad too:
Diane Coffee t-shirt(Seriously, what’s with this thing? Crazy looking DOOF WARRIOR. This is as unrepresentative of the band as a t-shirt could possibly be!)

Perhaps this t-shirt is what’s rad about this band. None of the promo material seems to fit the musical description.
Close your eyes. Listen to the music. Imagine a type face. This video is not what you pictured in your mind!

More goofy fun.

I was able to track down some video from the actual show.

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Hey, OLD SPICE, why does “FRESH” scent cost more than the “CLASSIC” old man scent?

I’m fascinated by marketing. Why do I like some things purely for the style or whatever? Like VANS sneakers for example? VANS are not good shoes, really. But the marketing was right. It touched me somehow. You know, they are “BMX” shoes? And I’ve been wearing them ever since I was about 14. (Conversely, pun intended, I stopped wearing CONVERSE when they were bought out by NIKE.)
I’m a MILLER HIGH LIFE man partly because it’s not BUDWEISER. I also love the HIGH LIFE MAN advertising of 90’s. I like the beer, but it’s more about the vibe. And that it’s not BUD LIGHT. Those dumb frogs.

I can watch these all day.

The aspect that fascinates me is how this affects pricing. I’ll go up to the RACETRAC and notice that a 6-pack of bottled HIGH LIFE costs more than a 6-pack of HIGH LIFE tall boy cans. That makes no sense, does it? To pay more for less. What’s the research there? Certainly it has to do with marketing and who they are marketing to. The consumer who prefers bottle over cans. And a tall boy can makes a statement. A bottled beer makes a statement. Me? I prefer to get more product for my money so I roll with the tall boys every time. But I’d love to read the paperwork on how all this comes to be. Like, exactly what kind of hillbillies does MILLERCOORS peg as tall boy drinkers?

That brings me to OLD SPICE. I’m not sure how or why I started using OLD SPICE, probably the price, probably because my dad uses it, but it’s my brand when it comes to deodorant. I can’t use antiperspirants – irritates my skin. I tried a few others. But I always come back.
Anyway a few years ago OLD SPICE came out with some rad commercials, like this:

Bruce Campbell! Groovy. And they worked there way to this:

I’m on a horse! Ha ha. Funny stuff. Over 51 MILLION views. (And looking up this video it’s from 2010! A “few” years ago. #timeflies)

So, OLD SPICE got hip. It’s like the PBR of deodorant. Crazy advertising. Funky fresh scents like “FRESH” and “FIJI” and hipster packaging. And also the classic old man OLD SPICE. Which is what I buy. Because it’s cheaper!

Check it:

“CLASSIC” is not only less expensive. It’s bigger. I checked the chemicals. There is some different stuff in there. But come on! It’s all the same apart from the fragrance. So man, smell like a man. An old man!

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