NEW DESIGN! “Creature From The Rad Lagoon”



NEW DESIGN! “Creature From The Rad Lagoon”
Printed 2/C (White and NEON Green) on a uni-sex black AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirt.
Made In The USA!
The softest, smoothest, best-looking t-shirt available anywhere.

100% Fine Jersey cotton construction.

SHIPPING | USA $4.95 – Canada $8.95 – International $12.95 – India $14.95


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Sir Badass

CONCERT REVIEW, Paul McCartney, October 15th, Atlanta GA.
It’s really hard to define just how badass Sir Paul McCartney is, other than just repeating he’s badass, but I’ll try. Note – this is just free-form rambling.
Paul’s opening act was a DJ spinning PAUL McCARTNEY Music. Covers, remixes, some influences. But the gist, it was a Macca mash-up and it was badass.
(Download a mix of it here.)
After the DJ set ended there was a kind of multi-media show, images and music. A timeline of Paul McCartney. Ultimately it was a play list of hits that Paul WASN’T going to play.
Think about this: Let ‘Em In. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey. Coming Up. Take It Away. Goodnight Tonight. Say Say Say. The entire “Ram” album. Silly Love Songs. Et Al.
How badass are you if the songs you DON’T play comprise a greatest hits set themselves?

I like to pretend this conversation took place;
“Paul, are we doing ‘Jet’?
Paul,”I think we’ll do ‘Let Me Roll It’ instead. And also ‘Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five'”

Also, the medley of tunes leading up to the start of the show ended with “Temporary Secretary” #badass

All in all Paul and his band played for nearly three hours. They could have played for twelve.

NOTE TO PAUL: You should open with “Save Us’. (It was 2nd in the set.)

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22/153 – “Time”

minutmen_153_headerFrom Ballot Result. Watt on vocals. An acoustic version was also released on the “Radio Tokyo Tapes Vol. 3″ compilation. #partywithmepunker.

Only time can write a song that’s really really real
The most a man can do is say the way its playing feels
And know he only knows as much as time to him reveals

You know what I miss? When artists cover their contemporaries. Jack White does it from time to time. The Flaming Lips. But it doesn’t happen too often.
But the Minutemen did. The Urinals. The Meat Puppets. Richard Hell. Even the Van Halen and Steely Dan songs were just a few years old.

This take on the Richard Hell tune “Time” is pretty straight forward. But it exposed this young punk rocker to a new artist. And for that I am always grateful.

87. Time

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words – inimical

adjective: inimical

tending to obstruct or harm.
“actions inimical to our interests”
synonyms: harmful, injurious, detrimental, deleterious, prejudicial, damaging, hurtful, destructive, ruinous, pernicious; More
antagonistic, contrary, antipathetic, unfavorable, adverse, opposed;
hostile, unkind, unsympathetic, unfriendly, ill-disposed, malevolent;
unwelcoming, cold, frosty;
“an inimical gaze”
antonyms: friendly, favorable
unfriendly; hostile.
“an inimical alien power”
synonyms: harmful, injurious, detrimental, deleterious, prejudicial, damaging, hurtful, destructive, ruinous, pernicious; More

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