20/153 “The Cheerleaders”

“I got it! We’ll have them write hit songs!”
Hooks. Choruses. Verses. Horns. Keyboards. All songs over 2 minutes: Project: Mersh

This EP is so good. I don’t know how many times I can state over and over (153 times?) that D. Boon, Mike Watt, and George Hurley made magic. Punk rock. Jazz. Or “commercial” hit songs. Whatever. It’s all freakin’ crazy rad. #partywithmepunker.

The almost chilled groove of this track is a personal fave.

The live version from Ballot Result puts a little more pep into it!

26. The Cheerleaders

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19/153 “Search”

A rolling intro from George Hurley, some chicken-scratch from D. Boon and rolling Mike Watt bass and were in! The first track on the first Minutemen full length, “The Punch Line”, 1981.

Son of a mother
You’re the son of a father
You look inside you
You look inside me

Come on and search
Search deep inside

You put it togther
And you pull it apart
You’re lapsing cultures
You don’t remember

What can I say? I don’t know what it’s about but it’s a solid opener to a killer record.

This tune is also on the Rodney on the ROQ Vol 2/em> compilation.

Rodney on the ROQ Vol. 2

Rodney on the ROQ Vol. 2

The live version from Ballot Result puts a little more pep into it!

74. Search

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History Lesson: D.C. 3

I saw BLACK FLAG live a few times. Once was the “Loose Nut” tour in 1985 with support from D.C 3 and Twisted Roots.
I have zero memory of Twisted Roots, I don’t even think I saw them onstage. But I remember a snippet of D.C. 3; Dez Cadena and his long heavy metal hippie hair. I wasn’t interested. Too bad for me. Now of course, I wish I had paid attention.

This Is The Dream LP (SST Records, 1985)

Notable: Two tunes, “I Believe It” and “Ain’t No Time Here Now”, are from the BLACK FLAG demos from 1982 (on which Dez played guitar). “Ain’t No Time Here Now” a rewrite of “What Can You Believe”.

18/153 – “Cut”

Is this the Minutemen‘s hardest rocking song? I think it could be. One of my personal favorites from Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat.
I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that Mike Watt wrote this for Black Flag and I’ve also read it written in admiration of Greg Ginn… any of this true? Not sure but I’ll try and find out.


I’ve been listening to Buzz or Howl a lot lately and it’s an interesting record. Solid and heavy tunes plus a batch of nearly-throwaway noodlings. But it set the stage. I’ll post more about it in the coming months.

Until then, enjoy this heavy hitter!

hey ice machine, you cut me – thin line cut
big scissors cut cut-loose
cut bend tense big scissors snap cut

Live version from Ballot Result

20. Cut

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Something Good For Your Feet

In life you must appreciate the little things. Let the little things bring you joy. And I find great joy in a new pair of socks. Is there a better feeling than putting on a new pair of socks for the first time? Yes, of course there is. But I find great joy in this little thing and when you add a lot of little joys together you have much joy!

Joy math is not hard. Joy + Joy + Joy = Much Joy.

Whenever the Power Ball jackpot gets into the 100+ millions I’m in. And as friends and family fantasize about what we’d do with untold wealth; boats, beach front homes, vintage PK Rippers, my big grand dream is to wear a new pair of socks everyday! Only wear them once. A new, fresh pair every day! Never to be worn again.
Oh well. It hasn’t happened. So I find joy in the socks I do wear. And the best socks I’ve ever put on my feet are from THE QUIET LIFE.


I don’t know if it’s the blend of cotton, polyester and a little spandex or what. But these socks are comfy and stay up without binding. Plus the designs are rad! Also they are size 10-13. And the socks I find at department stores are size 6-12. So THE QUIET LIFE knows what’s what.
The label says it, “something good for your feet”, truth!
The QUIET LIFE just dropped it’s 2014 Summer Collection. Check out their rad socks and more here.