Hey RAD People, Help A Fellow BMXer!

Tommy Myall_Jibb1Rad BMXer Tommy Myall was in a serious bicycle accident resulting in a fracture of the skull, bleeding of the brain and severe trauma. He spent over a week in the hospital, accumulating over $200,000 in hospital bills. He has inner ear damage, with loss of hearing and his equilibrium is off. As a result of his injuries, he is currently unable to work or drive. I met Tommy at the FBM Bikes Bikes Jam at Reality Bikes/Fowler Park in 2015. When I first saw him riding I thought he was with the FBM crew. He’s got RAD skills. Check him out:


To help we are going to give away a crazy RAD sticker bundle to the highest bidder. What makes this bundle crazy rad? Two of the stickers are signed by the one and only Eddie Fiola! The Radness!

  Eddie Fiola Sticker Bundle

To bid, visit our facebook page, facebook.com/stayradbmx, and bid in the comments on the pinned link. (If you would like your bid to be anonymous send us a pm and we’ll note it for you.)
The bidding period will end on Jan 31. At that time the winner should make their donation directly to Tommy’s Go Fund Me page.

Then we’ll send you the sticker bundle!

Also, until Jan 31, for every STAY RAD BMX t-shirt sold via our website we will donate $5! Please share this to help spread the word. Thanks!

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Got Me Bonin’ – Fishbone live Club Citta, Tokyo, FEB 16, 1992

1. Freddie’s Dead
2. Give it Up
3. Party At Ground Zero
4. Behaviour Control Technician
5. Those Days are Gone
6. If I were A… I’d
7. Knock It
8. Naz-Tee May’en
9. Junkies Prayer
10. Pray to the Junkiemaker
11. Movement in the Light
12. Everyday Sunshine
13. Fight the Youth
14. Sunless Saturday
15. Subliminal Fascism
16. Housework
17. Bonin’ in the Boneyard


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